Get outside today!

IMG_3391_640 Sensitivity grows through use, and the way to become more sensitive is by exercising your senses. Today, go for a walk in nature and be as sensitive as possible. Hear your footsteps on the ground, feel you feet as you walk, listen to the various and ever-changing sounds in your environment, be aware of what you are seeing, look at everything, breathe, and savor the fragrance of the air. Be sensitivity and aware every way you can. Then carry that sensitivity with you during the day. Practice shifting from thinking mode to feeling-sensing mode.

Meditation is not just the act of siting motionless in silence. Because really when does that ever happen? Meditation is also about being sensitive and aware of the quality of the world around you. You can bring just as much attention, maybe more, to your outer world in meditation as your inner world. Notice the similarities and differences in this type of meditation practice.

Blessings of Peace, Kat