Man, this book, Community: the Structure of Belonging by Peter Block, is so wonderful, it's making me cry! Here's a good dose of it for you ...

"(The idea of) reconstructing leader as social architect. Not leader as special person, but leader as citizen willing to do those things that have the capacity to initiate something new in the world. In this way, leader belongs right up there with chef, carpenter, artist, and landscape designer. It is a capacity that can be learned as one who creates experiences for others - experiences that in themselves are examples of our desired future. The experiences we create need to be designed in such a way that relatedness, accountability, and commitment are every moment available, experienced, and demonstrated.

This concept of leadership means that in addition to embracing their own humanity, which is the work of every person, the core task of leaders is to create the conditions for civic or institutional engagement.

Leadership begins with understanding that every gathering is an opportunity to deepen accountability and commitment through engagement."

Brendan devouring the book.