I've found myself in Portland Or without my computer so the task I planned to complete while away from Bend will have to wait. Thanks to my iPhone, I have access to email, social media, etc., and my blog. A few days ago my teacher-friend Kelly and I got on the subject of blogs and she asked me if my blog - which functions as a website - would change now that I'm teaching less and baby is coming. Will the blog still be about yoga?This got me thinking ... Of course ... but what about all the other aspects of life? What about everything that inspires me? Everything that makes life rich and full and inspiring -"The Yoga of Life." So what is the one thing I'm most inspired by right now? ... Balance. So why not reorganize my blog so that represents and provides a forum for "The Yoga of Life." The yoga practice of course, but also how it infuses all areas of life. I'm starting with my life and I wrote down a list of categories - my mind loves to do this: Studio work Teaching Practice Family time/new baby care Food Home care Self care Spiritual study Relationships (beyond family) Nate time aka sweetheart time Travel/vacation Income/savings/future planning Play My intend on using this list as a guide (a start) to share with you inspiration and ideas on "The Yoga of Life."

Please let me know if you have suggestions.

Love Kat