from my luminary teacher: Shiva Rea

"We must use time creatively. Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative, peaceful extremists (in service to the people)."  - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In our lifetime, there will be a transition from toxic fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Each one of us is responsible for contributing to this shift, as our personal energy use is a part of the whole. Oil will run out of production between 2025 and 2040. Only 3% of the earth's water is fresh water and of that only 1% is drinkable for 20% of the world's population that has access to clean water. Waste incineration accounts for over 30% of the CO2 emissions and fewer than 3% of the plastic manufactured is made of recyclable plastics or gets recycled. The good news is that it would only take .02% of the current solar energy from the sun alone to supply power to the entire world. We are abundant in natural renewable energy BUT WE CHOOSE and are dependent on toxic, non-renewable energy sources both as a lifestyle and often as an inner state.

Yoga is about connecting the pathways between inner and outer, microcosm and macrocosm. Now is the time to take responsibility for our inner and outer world so that we can heal ignorance and laziness that is preventing positive change and realize the natural gifts of prana that are inherent in the elements of the sun, water, earth, and air that are being depleted and poisoned. Martin Luther King was an extraordinary example of taking creative personal action at a time of great darkness in civil rights.

Let us honor his life, make making choices that stand for the collective whole, our future and our children's future, not just our individual pursuits.

With Deep Love, Kat