I'm currently deepening my yoga practice via conference call course with my teacher Shiva Rea - ah! got to love technology! We are exploring the Living Yoga practices for Winter, specifically for this darkest time of the year - this transition time, sahndya, right before the Winter Solstice. This course is reminding me how important it is for us to attune our yoga practice & life practice with Nature. She is so wise and gives so much ... it's a beautiful and supportive practice - being connected to our Mother Earth, honoring her as we honor ourselves. I would like to share with you just a little bit to ponder regarding Winter Practices Rtucharya. The official start of Winter as celebrated all over the Northern Hemisphere and is known as the Winter Solstice. This year the Solstice brings the full moon and a lunar eclipse to initiate the season with power and strength. This time of the year is marked by longer nights, darker/cloudy days and colder weather. It is during this time that the moon’s energy is said to be strongest and most influential on the planet offering her nurturing, moist, and receptive qualities to all beings. From the cosmos to the plants, animals and humans, we all feel the same inward, introspective pull that is inherent of this time of year. The natural rhythm is to go within, rest and settle ourselves from all the activities and actions experienced in the Summer and Fall. Although the hectic pace of life, coupled with the looming holiday season may not have you feeling this way, on some level we are all feeling an inner desire to slow down and relax!

Learning to navigate and honor this inherent and powerful planetary, cosmic rhythm is vital to not just maintaining health and vitality but it also affect our overall happiness and spiritual well-being. The best way to make balanced decisions is to follow the principle of “like increases like” to harmonize the body and mind accordingly.

Attributes of Winter -The nights are longer nights and days shorter. -This is year's peak darkness which will reach its apex on Dec 21. -The Moon's energy is at its strongest. -Agni (our body's fire) moves from our extremities to our inner organs and our digestive fire is strong and our appetites increases. -Energy slows and we need more rest. -Now is the time for our asana practice to be fortifying and rejuvenating.

So, eat a lot of deeply nourishing food, take good care of yourself, stay warm, wear at hat and enjoy your natural strength!

With Deep Nourishing Love, Kat