Our Yoga practice, our Sadhana, is so much more that the physical practice of asana. The asanas are only a microcosm for the macrocosm, a slice of the biggest picture of life - of the universe. My teacher, Shiva Rea describes the following Sadhanas, each representing a different aspect of our lives - each one infusing the others - so that they all become one great big Sadhana - a Maha Sadhana.

Lokhadhara (life balance) taking care of world business Deha (personal embodiment care) cultivating health, vitality, longevity Surya (solar activation) practice that ignite, purify, expand Soma (lunar rejuvenation) practices that replenish and coil inward Sva dharma/Seva (life offering) channeling your life purpose in service of the world Srsti-Shakti (creative flow) becoming an instrument of creative energy Shiva-Shakti (relationship integration) cultivating inner & outer connection Samrasa (energy alchemy) cultivating nectar in all forms.

I encourage you cultivate each of these sadhanas together and remember that the practice of Yoga is in all things.

With Deep Blessings of Love and Peace, Kat