Read in Creative Vinyasa | 8-9am (4/11) "Physical practices are essentially about free participation in the breath. To be with the breath is to be with that which is breathing us. The body remains soft and structured around the breath movement and moving anatomy serves the breath process. The body movement is the breath movement and vice versa. The mind naturally participates in the process and becomes clear as it links to the whole body, the intelligence of Life. This may be a challenge but not a struggle. The challenge is within the breath limits, not in the musculature. Practices are designed for the individual and the real yoga is within everyone's capability. It is not an attempt to impose the mind's predetermined structuring of the anatomy or any cultural proposal. The breath too should not be overly controlled, but flow organically and smoothly within comfortably managed breath ratios. The goal of yoga is to un-qualify the mind, not qualify it. This occuras through intimacy with body, breath and mind as one process. Finally this goal itself is seen to be an obstruction and unnecessary because the living organism already stands in its intelligence; the natural state. There are no steps to be taken." -Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection -Mark Whitwell