Touchstone Quarterly

4 practices for recalibration incoportorating yoga, meditation, and consistent actions to upgrade your life in 2019. Learn how creating daily actions, designing your weeks, and creating space for reflection can have a massive impact on the direction your life takes. These quarterly workshops will solve the problem of distraction and disconnection.  

Each workshop will be 90min with Q+A at the end + (optional) lab work accompanying each class throughout the year.

Mar 24, Jun 23, Sep 8, Dec 15
20th St. YMCA


one day reset

a day of complete self care in partnership with Bartelt Holistic Health + Carrot & Kale Organic Juice. One day to recalibrate in the Spring + Fall.

to include: yoga, meditation, essential oils, sauna/bath, organic juice, lunch, writing lab. quiet, space, bliss

Mar 9
Sep 14
all day, 8am-3pm


cleanse + restore

As we enter into a new season, uplevel your nutrition by making a ritual of your supplementation. With doTERRA’s comprehensive Cleanse and Restore kit, along with a few hints and practices, you'll shift into an experience of visionary clarity and care for yourself.

Mar 15 - Apr 15
Sep 15 - Oct 15