For the last few years, while the EAA is happening in Oshkosh, we rent our house and leave town. This year, we headed North and East to Michigan. Stopping first to experience the lake front cottage of friends on Lake Huron, then camping Up North near Painted Rocks National Park, then to Green Bay for a wedding Nate officiated. When ever I can get time outdoors, immersed in Nature - in the water, in the forest, I am restored. Close family time, where we can align our rhythms, play, and move about freely within a gentle structure created by the sun, moon and our bellies is precious to me. Reading, exploring and getting '“bored” enlivens a sense of intention and gratitude.

Day 1: Mackinaw Bridge and Mackinaw City - Tawas City
That bridge: a have a fear of bridges, or rather a fear of falling off them while driving on them, its a legit fear that I have to conquer each time that all began when I crossed this bridge in 2005 (which had a 4% safety rating - 4%!!!! and closed shortly after I crossed it).
Biere de Mackinak: dude, delcicious
Otto Cottage on Lake Huron
Tawas City Pizza Co.: wood-fired and so good. I have yet to find a decent pizza in the state of Wisconsin and will gladly go all the way back to Michigan for this.
Tony’s Taco’s Food Stand on the Lake in a park - had to ask for everything - napkins, forks, hot sauce, etc. + they got our order wrong, but the spot was perfect and the boys could play at the park while we finished eating.
Marion’s Dairy Bar: classic, been around since 1945

Day 2: Hiawatha National Forest
Collwell Lake Campground
Pictured Rocks Hike (+ accessibility test) to Chapel Rock: we made it half way and would have continued if not for the dog back at the car. We had to do a few carries, but for the most part it was a smooth path for Bs chair. I think, maybe a powerchair could have handled it?? (This is at tough loss for us as a family, not being able to hike freely, but the forest bath was the best).
Fall Rock Cafe Bookstore + more Ice Cream

Day 3 Pictured Rocks National Park
Pictured Rocks Cruises Boat Tour: totally worth it, and made up for the hike
Pasties: I don’t like these at all, just the name grosses me out, but they are a loved and adored U.P. delicacy .. if you want to (or have to eat one) this place was good + they had ice cream - Miner’s Pasties & Ice Cream