June 3 2019 6:02am Central : sagittarius

My personal notes from and - ideas, phrases that resonate and stand out for me with this New Moon Shift. Please see site for full posts.

See some of my practices to create space for reflection, contemplation, rest, recovery here.

Personally, I am becoming increasingly overwhelmed by noise - noise that has the potential to take the power I hold internally away from me. And, I have become fiercely protective of that internal space. I crave quiet, silence and solitude. So many experiences as designed to wow us, to overwhelm us and I’m feeling a desire for underwhelm + peaceful internal space that can’t be messed with. For now though, I am sensitive - increasingly so.

multifaceted moving expanding nebulous parts

overwhelm to senses + nervous system

grounding + discernment

mental stimulation, learning, communication + connection

creating deep structure + stability

adaptability, keeping up + learning to cope with both excitement + exhaustion

sanctuary + inner temple

time to think + giving space for intuition and to do the work of discernment to determine what is real.

long but scattered chats + difficulty making decisions

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is : A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance

Despite the issues, there is an element of brilliance with this degree. To give a virtuoso performance, however, takes hours and hours of practice. The chances of hitting a bum note are high if we go out there and wing it. 

We need to keep our rhythm, know our part, be willing to slow or staccato as instructed. The more prepared and flexible we are, the better the chance we will make a success of any endeavor seeded at this New Moon. -Leah Whitehorse

Speaking to something we are losing/grieving that is part of our destiny and evolution. For me, again personally, this is quite clear as I met extensively with our family’s genetic counselor - learning about B’s very unique gene mutation (there are only 4 others in the entire database) . The losses we (and I am speaking specially about my family) experience are very much a part of our destiny and evolution + a future that we can not predict. This moves me towards deeper and - per this cycle - expansive (emotional) intimacy.

cause + collective commitment

what were we committed to + what we are no longer committed to and ready to leave behind

experience + reality - physically, emotionally

Keeping the above close by as I move in this phase of the cycle.

Keeping the above close by as I move through this cycle
Listening, quieting, protecting, seeing what’s real
Intimacy, expansion, intuition
Releasing + recommiting