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My personal notes from and - ideas, phrases that resonate and stand out for me with this Full Moon Shift. Please see sites for full posts.

See some of my practices to create space for reflection, contemplation, rest, recovery here.

Personal snapshot

My mind has calmed to a space of gentleness, receptivity and listening. Currently I am graced with a period of much less internal chatter and far less loud negative internal loop. Through therapy, deep work, grieving, reckoning, rest, recovery, consistency, reaching out, sharing, authenticity and the words of some illuminated women (and men …, but mostly women) this grace has been hard won and eagerly received. Grateful to all who’ve walk by my side (and have supported my family) these last two years.

Side Note: not soon after I wrote these words down, old patterns of irritation + anger arose. I think, as this is true for me, that I/we are always in process - changing shape with each cycle and given opportunity upon opportunity to forgive, start fresh, and grow.


  • Solstice will magnify potency of this cycle

  • time to expand + open mind to opportunities

  • adaption

  • ground dreams in truth

  • distillation

  • Higher Realms, Higher Wisdom, Higher Consciousness, Higher Self, Higher Understanding, Higher Heart, Higher Love

  • Magic

  • give time to tune into subtlety

  • give time to be intimate with emotions - honoring vulnerability + neediness

  • be aware of where and how you are checking out instead of checking in

  • what in the past needs to be completed/released - the unresolved will arrise

  • allow fire to burn away judgment + fuel a sense of adventure

  • take action from a place of maturity - respond (not react)

  • work to embody (where the soul resides) + watch for excess thinking

  • meditate - pay attention to the inner realms

  • presence

  • there are cycles within cycles that cannot be rushed

  • leverage, momentum

The humility. This is our humus you know, Earth. And to become truly human, we open to the Divine. And this of course leads me to the next point, which is that, in that opening, LOVE comes in. Thats is the wounding where (the) God enters.

We are used to being criticized, we are used to being judged. And to have our hearts broken open through Love, to become a part of everyone else, to open to that cherishing, simply demolishes power.” - Marion Woodman

The Full Moon, I think, is time for considering:
releasing and celebrating
harvesting endevors
peak energy
joy + gratitude