The Oil of Unmasking

Use in cooking   
Mix into chocolate : black pepper + rose chocolate

Complex and similar to Melissa
Soothes nerves and lessons anxious feelings

High in monoterpenes to help in warding off environmental + seasonal threats
You can find this in OnGuard softgels.
You diffuse it.
It’s very hot so it’s important to dilute (see oil safety)
*As with all doTERRA essential oils, this oil is potent and one drop is all that is needed.
Assists with healthy circulation: you can apply it to your joints, arms + legs (for cold hands + feet)

Emotionally, it is the Oil of Unmasking
Sometimes I feel like there are certain parts of myself that I need to hide, either to protect that aspect or to please others; or because they are unacceptable to myself. This doesn’t happen often now and I don’t hide well - for me it’s better to be out with it, but there are still times. (For ex: I have a mean streak that comes out when I’m tired/stressed.)

If you ever put up a facade in order to please or be accepted, Black Pepper can help in unmasking, getting real and digging deep to understand those parts so that they can brought to light to be loved and accepted.

Even if these parts aren’t acknowledged, they exist. The more an aspect of self is repressed the stronger it gets.

Black Pepper reignites the soul fire. It fuels motivation to heal and gives strength to overcome challenges in favor of integrity with the Self.

Negative emotions helped by Black Pepper would include: emotional dishonesty, repressed emotions, feeling trapped, judgemental
Positive properties supported by Black Pepper include: emotional honesty, authentic, courageous, motivated to be self-aware, personal integrity

Black Pepper pulls off all of the fake masks you have put on to pretend you are happy and have your life together. - Desiree Mangandog

Black Pepper brings hidden aspects of self to light to be accepted, loved and integrated.