Your phone is not your friend. Yet, for some of us, we give more facetime to our phones than we do to our closest people. Your phone, when used as such, can be a useful tool instead of a time suck.

Do these 5 steps (if you have ever said “I don’t have enough time”). It will change your life. Especially #5

  1. Turn off your notifications - leave on the one thing that doesn’t make you anxious, remove the trigger.

  2. Delete all apps you don’t use. Once you know the apps you want to have in your life - put them into a folder + get them down to one screen if you can.

  3. Move your apps to your second screen - what is the first thing you see - is this reminding you of what’s important to you?

  4. Use the “do not disturb” setting. Go to settings, general, do not disturb, customize it. You can set it up so that during, you can still receive messages from whom you want to receive messages from (I have my set to include messages from Nate, my brother, dad, + stepmom, and my kids school).

  5. Listen to this. 042: How to Own Your Phone (not the other way around)

Here’s a screen shot of mine.