Somewhere last Spring I discovered Pixie Lighthorse through my teacher, Elena Brower. Elena read Prayer of Honoring Equality in a talk and Pixie's words and structure resonated with me and stirred something in my heart. I went to her site and found out that she lives in Central Oregon (my former and formative home - where I had my studio, met Nate, conceived my children). This discovery came at a time when I was feeling particularly homesick and Pixie's words, voice, and demeanor instantly made me feel cared for and held. I immersed myself in her site for a few weeks then ordered her first book Prayers of Honoring and read every word when it arrived. I started to share her prayers at the end of each class - prayers filled with earth-based spirituality and Native-American medicine. Her words began to work their magic on me.

Then, in the fall, I enrolled in Pixie's course, Honoring Grief with Owl - a grief course - or rather, a grief journey. I don't have the words to fully express what that course gave me, but suffice it to say, I grieved. I grieved for my childhood, the loss of my mother, the loss of me as my mother's daughter, past decisions, past identities, past trauma and pain. I grieved for my ancestors - my grandmothers and for all women, for it all - intensely, viscerally, madly, cathartic-ly all Fall. I emerged from my Death Lodge with a depth of experiential wisdom, release, and clarity I had not know previously. 

So with the release of her new book Prayers of Honoring Voice, I am planning my classes with direct inspiration from these prayers. I want to put my class plans up for you to that you can work them into your home practice, but I will do what I can. If you feel called, I encourage you to get her book and let her words work on you too. Let me know what is working, how you are feeling, what is changing.

With Love,

Prayers of Honoring Voice
By Pixie Lighthorse
Prayers of Honoring
By Pixie Lighthorse