Lately, I have noticed that my life is beginning to show up on my face, this is really apparent when I’m not hydrated and feeling stressed, which coincidently usually corresponds with a lapse in eating excellent food, practicing yoga and sitting for my daily meditation. With this, I find I am less able to handle - anything really. For me, self-care is essential, my whole body (mind and soul) reminds me when I forget to take care of myself. When this happens, I find what helps is making an investment. This time, I’m making an investment into my skin by purchasing this: Banyan Botanicials Beauty Balm with Rose and Geranium - a combination of healing, strengthening, nourishing and revitalizing Shatavari and the stress resisting, sustaining, and revitalizing Ayurvedic super-herb Ashwagandha in a base of nutrient and moisture-rich ghee.

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