Janet Stone says mothering allows us to transition into the reality of what is available.

Currently, my practice consists of 15min of movement and 15min of meditation in the am, then a 5-20min practice later in the day with “baby assists” – aka 2 boys that think “mommy jungle gym” is open. We all know as teachers how important our own practice is so that we can give from a full, informed place. But, how do I teach well, really really well, hand-students-their-own-experience-of-themselves well, show-someone-the-beauty-of-their-own-worth well, when this is my practice, when “this is all I have time for”?

Mothering allows us to transition into the reality of what is available.

The reality of what is available right now is the curiosity and awareness with which my youngest plays with rain water from last night’s storm – filling, dumping, refilling cups with delight, interest and pure joy, in the way that he doe,s before he casually moves on the the next delightfulness.

He is my teacher. From him I learn patience, gentleness, softness, steadfastness in the face of absolute chaos. From him, I learn to lighten (the f**k) up and just be here. He continually invites me into the moment, he demands my presence and he is joy-filled when he has it. How can I have missed any of these teachings?

The reality of what is available to us as teachers who are mothers (or fathers) is not a lack of time to devote to practice and study, but it is a richness of opportunity within each moment. The very best teachers have spent decades learning how to access this, but it is children who already know.

What an honor and privilege it is to be a mother of children. May we continue to learn from and respect our kids, and our students.


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