I have been using Banyan Botanicals for years. I love this company!  Their products are certified organic, sustainably sourced, and fair traded, and the company itself is amazing. You can find tons of information about self-care and Ayurveda on their website : banyanbotanicals.com

Here is a curated list of the products that I use and recommend the most: 

Mahanarayan Oil 

Daily Massage Oil
Vata Massage Oil
Neem Oil
Daily Routine Kit
Tongue Cleaner
Neti Pot
Nasya Oil
Daily Swish


If you have any questions about the products, you can reach out via email.

Self-Care Essentials: these are the essentials for simple daily self care
Neti Pot
Tongue Cleaner
Daily Massage Oil 
or use an oil that is specific to your constitution (I use a combination of Pitta and Vata oil):

Pitta Massage Oil
Vata Massage Oil
Kapha Massage Oil
Or you can get the Daily Routine Kit

The very best of muscles: Mahanarayan Oil

Meditation Practice Support: be calm, clear, and aware. 
Ashwaganda Oil
Brahmi  Oil

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As of November 2015, I am an official Banyan Botanicals affiliate which means that I earn a commission on products that you purchase on my recommendation.