I have been using Banyan Botanicals for years. I love this company!  Their products are certified organic, sustainably sourced, and fair traded, and the company itself is amazing. You can find tons of information about self-care and Ayurveda on their website : banyanbotanicals.com

Here is a curated list of the products that I use and recommend the most: 

Mahanarayan Oil 

Daily Massage Oil
Vata Massage Oil
Neem Oil
Daily Routine Kit
Tongue Cleaner
Neti Pot
Nasya Oil
Daily Swish

Self-Care Essentials: these are the essentials for simple daily self care
Neti Pot
Tongue Cleaner + Daily Swish
Daily Massage Oil 
or use an oil that is specific to your constitution (I use a combination of Pitta and Vata oil):

Pitta Massage Oil
Vata Massage Oil
Kapha Massage Oil
Or you can get the Daily Routine Kit

The very best for muscles: Mahanarayan Oil

Meditation Practice Support: be calm, clear, and aware. 
Ashwaganda Oil
Brahmi  Oil

I've been a Banyan Botanicals affiliate since November, 2015.