On September 17th, please join in a day devoted to the sacred art of self-care at Back to (You) School with Deb Sommerhalder and me at Inner Sun Yoga Studio.

Sometimes we forget how to take care of ourselves, especially if in the business of taking care of or giving to others; all jobs require some amount of giving and often without reward proportionate to output. I believe that every human has a desire to give from the heart and be generous and, that we have unlimited resources within us. But, we aren't really taught how to access these deep wells of abundance that we inherently posses. The tools have been misplaced, so to speak, and replaced with hours of netflix, or online shopping, or social media. 

So please, reserve Saturday, September 17 for You. We will sharper our tools as we practice together, we will get to know the ancient but also very practical ayurvedic practices of self-care, and we will be together to nourish one another through food, singing and stories. 

Saturday, September 17th
PRESENCE: 10:30am-12pm practice combing elements of flow, yin, restorative, intentional breathing, and meditation that will leave you feeling refreshed and closer to bliss.
Lunch: 12-1pm nourishing, grounding, simple and delicious. 
REVERENCE: 1-2 pm learn simple, effective, and daily practices of self-care that will fill you up and help you clear, clean and release.
Replenishment: 2-2:30pm juice + learn about superfood and simple steps towards optimal health.
FORTITUDE: 2:30-4pm open up your voice and your heart with mantra before we sit together in circle to share stories, receive and give acceptance and strengthen our bonds.
Sign up today or by midnight, Friday, August 26th for a 15% discount.