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Kat Seltzer, ERYT33445_571945335439_8260168_n

Kat took her first yoga class 15+ years ago, but committed to a consistent yoga practice in the 2004 after she injured her knee while training for a triathlon. This commitment had a dramatic and immediate effect on her body and laid the foundation for a paradigm shift in her life. With a background in athletics and martial arts, Kat has learned the value of discipline and respect. And as a lifelong spiritual seeker, Kat has always felt an unrelenting pull towards something greater than her self. The Yoga practice gives her a guide and support system and the ability to remain compassionate, joyful and open no matter what the circumstances. In October 2005, Kat enrolled in teacher training and read her first book on Yoga (Man’s Eternal Quest), she began teaching while still in training and received her certificate in March of 2006 in Wilmington, NC.

Kat has studied with Simon Park, Amy Ipolloti, Todd Norian, Max Strom, and at The Kripalu Center for Yoga + Health in Lenox, MA where she participated in the SEVA program. Kat studied with Seane Corn, Hala Kouri, Suzanne Sterling (Off the Mat Into the World Leadership Training), and with John Friend. Kat studied extensively with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles and continues to deepen her understanding virtually with Elena Brower.

Kat led Vasudeva, a ritual yoga experience inspired by the rhythm and sound of live music that honors the 5 elements. Vasudeva included that musical talents of Lucius Wheeler, Matt Bade, Nate Bettger, Tim Moore, Jenni Peskin and special guests including Julie Southwell.

Kat’s teaching style is Ashtanga based and heavily influenced by the liberating Jivamukti, intelligent and heart-centered Anusara (or Hatha Flow), fluid Power Vinyasa style of  Shiva Rea, and the all-inclusive, ever-connected principles of Tantra. Kat’s classes are creative, challenging and playful. She brings a warm, enthusiastic and open heart to her classes and encourages her students to dedicate fearlessly and joyfully to the growth of the Spirit and the art of Yoga.

Kat is the creative catalyst of the former Mandala Yoga Community where she served as director for over four years, and is the director of the Mandala Living Yoga 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program.

Kat is also a proud mama; she and her husband Nate Bettger, are parents to their young sons Brendan and (baby) Owen and dog Cocody.

Most Influential Teachers: Kersten Mueller, Larry Hobbs, Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Paul Obernesser (Wilmington NC), Sabine Keagy (Bend, OR), Simon Park, Amy Ippoliti, Max Strom, Erich Shiftman, Shiva Rea, OTM teachers Seane Corn, Hala Kouri & Suzanne Sterling, Elena Brower and her student & teacher friends in Bend OR.